The Majority Of Accidents Happen In The Home

30 11 2009

Great. Puff was just trying to reach the pen she had dropped between the couch cusions when the calamity occured. She was hopelessly stuck, and it would be at least an hour before Tim would get home and be able to help her. On the plus side, she’d found the sparkly hair clip she thought was lost, plus enough quarters to do her next load of laundry.


Tigers And Ice Cream Don’t Mix Well

29 11 2009

Umm… You didn’t really need that thesis draft, did you?

This Time Of Year Really Gets To People (And Bears)

27 11 2009

Oh dear. The holiday season had only just begun, and already it seemed the stress had gotten to Annabella.

Elmo Makes a Terrible Faux Pas

26 11 2009

Elmo’s family lived across the country and he couldn’t afford the plane ticket this year, so he had expected that he would spend Thanksgiving alone. He was flattered when the Bears asked him to come over to spend the holiday with them, and was looking forward to the feast, which had been very much hyped. Helping himself to a glass of wine, he noticed that everyone was staring. “Pssst,” someone whispered. “The crystal is just for decoration… We don’t actually drink out of it!”

*For Katie

The Pie Thief

26 11 2009

Dammit. They hadn’t even had dinner yet and somebody had already tucked into the pie. Tim suspected Annabella. That bitch could never wait until dessert.

Where Swine Flu Meets Bird Flu

25 11 2009

This spells global pandemic.

Day Two of the Zombie Attack

24 11 2009

As the undead continued to wreak havoc for a second day, safe and warm inside his apartment, Tim realized he was going to starve before they could reach him. “Dammit,” he thought. “I really should have gone grocery shopping.”