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23 01 2010

Tim is sorry.  Why, you ask, is he sorry?  He’s sorry because I (me being the author) suck and have a lot of housework to do before my mother comes to visit next week and must take a day or two off from the H-Less Wonder.  I mean, I haven’t even put away my Christmas tree yet, for pete’s sake.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s down, but the ornaments are still all on the floor waiting to be put away, and all the lights are still strung around the apartment.  There are dishes to be done, and Mrs. Poopmonster can’t do them all by herself.  And of course I have to go to work, too.  So Tim is sorry that I am taking a couple days off to clean up the sty I call home so that my mother does not silently judge me while she’s sleeping on the couch.  Only a couple, though.  The H-Less Wonder will return in three days at the latest.  Tim is also sorry he has no eyes anymore, but that’s another story.




2 responses

26 03 2010

I think those eyes are in the back seat of our old Toyota. No?

26 03 2010

Actually, one of them is probably buried in the dirt out at the Presbyterian Church. I blame Emilie for that one. The other one was lost when my friend’s little sister stuck him up a tree somewhere on Eschenburg Drive, many, many, many years ago.

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