Pub Quiz

26 01 2010

Ok, fine, so technically there were only four members to a team, but Tim and the others were convinced that that other team (who called themselves “Doctor Google,” the cocky bastards) were also cheating.  Porko Puerco and Kevin had both seen the other team’s members using their cell phones in the middle of the quiz, which was strictly forbidden.  Plus, one of  Doctor Google’s members was good friends with the bartender, who wrote the questions every week, and Tim was pretty sure that they were getting answers ahead of time.  If it so happened that Tim and the other members of Team Fuzzypants ever won the quiz, well, they’d deal with the consequences of having five members then.  Until that day, though, they would just drink their pints and try to expose Doctor Google’s cheating ways.




One response

27 01 2010

She’s back. One of the answers is Brett Favre.

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