Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

11 02 2010

Ok, so maybe this is the snowpocalypse, or snowmageddeon, or the Snotorious B.I.G. or whatever other clever name you want to give it.  All I know is this is the second blizzard in a week, and I’m up to my neck in the cold stuff.  If only I’d gotten boots at the beginning of winter, I’d be much happier right now.  Back in October, I thought, “Why do I need big boots?  It only snowed a total of six inches last winter!”  Of course now every shoe store in the DC area is completely sold out of winter boots, and I know that as soon as they are back in stock, spring will arrive, and we’ll never ever again get this much snow during any winter in the future.  It’s Murphy’s Law, as applied to weather and footwear.  Sheesh.  But seriously, if you’re just going to stand there, I could use a little help getting out of this drift.




One response

11 02 2010

The snow must be really deep. I heard that Tim is standing on Adrian’s shoulders.

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