That’s One Sexy Big Cat

13 02 2010

When Trojan had visitors over, they would always ask why he had so many different deodorants in the bathroom.  They weren’t merely “deodorants,” he would have to explain.  They were “body fragrances.”  Trojan liked to be at his best for the ladies, and different ladies liked different scents.  If he was going to the club, he’d put on “Tropic Tiger,” with its exotic blend of volcano oil and dragonfruit, because the ladies on the dancefloor would flock to him if they thought he was from some far-flung locale.  If he was doing something like going to the grocery store, he’d wear “Fresh,” with its hints of dryer sheets and newly mowed grass.  You never knew when you were going to run into a sexy divorcee in the frozen foods aisle, and he knew those desperate housewives liked a man who did chores, or who at least smelled that way.



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14 02 2010


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