Class In Session With Professor Nessie

28 02 2010

Please, please, everybody, I am trying to teach you the finer points of scotch tasting, and I would appreciate if you would pay at least a little attention.  You are not going to learn how to detect the subtle peat aromas or the difference in clarity that triple distilling makes if you keep drinking the shots in one gulp.  Please sip gently and note how the different scotches activate different taste buds on various areas of the tongue.  Can you smell that the Islay malts have a much smokier flavor than do the Highlands or the Skyes?  Excuse me, you in the back, did you just order a Jager bomb?  For pete’s sake, I knew this was a bad idea.  I just can’t teach good taste to you uncultured cretins.



One response

28 02 2010


Can I attend your class? Do you provide the scotch?

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