Please Enter Your PIN

31 03 2010

Puff could have sworn there was more money in her account than what she was now seeing on the ATM screen.  Was it possible somebody had her debit card number and was making unauthorized transactions?  It was like all the money had disappeared overnight.  Although now that she thought about it, last night was kind of fuzzy.  Actually, last night was real fuzzy.  Crap.  It looked like she was just going to have to wait until payday on Friday to eat again.


Because I Said So, That’s Why

28 03 2010

No, young lady, you absolutely may not get a tattoo.  When you turn eighteen and move out on your own, you can start making your own bad decisions.  Until then, no piercings and no tattoos.  You’ll thank me later.

Oh God… My Dad Is Going To See This…

26 03 2010

This was hardly what Porko Puerco had in mind when Quack suggested they try new hobbies together.  Still, he had heard somewhere that the key to any good relationship was to be good, giving, and game for anything, so he supposed he couldn’t really say no until he tried it.  Was there a salesperson around here anywhere?  He was definitely going to need a smaller size.

With thanks to the guys at the Leather Rack in Dupont, who have a better sense of humor than their counterparts across the street…

I Don’t See Any Scones. Or Crumpets.

24 03 2010

I was told there was some sort of tea party down here, and yet I see a distinct lack of chamomile or Earl Grey.

This Is What Happens When You Domesticate Wild Animals

22 03 2010

Well, this certainly was embarrassing.  Taking a leisurely walk in the country, Kevin had been struck by the sudden urge to climb a tree and experience that sense of freedom and adventure he’d always gotten when he was a kid.  Now he was stuck.  What would be worse?  To call one his friends to help him out, and have them laugh mercilessly at his plight, or to jump and hope he didn’t break any limbs?  Oh, what a predicament.  The next time this cursed tree-climbing urge struck, he was going to have to remember that he was no young cub anymore.  That childlike sense of freedom and adventure?  Best left to the children, he thought.

Sigh… It’s So Hard To Be Us…

19 03 2010

Pinky and Annabella had tired themselves out after a rough day of antiquing and shopping in Old Town.  It was so taxing trying to find that perfect vintage drawer-pull for Pinky’s kitchen, and so harrowing to figure out which designer handbag would go perfectly with Annabella’s dress for the gala.  Now it was time to sit down, drink a latte, and determine which of the men passing by had enough money to keep them in the lap of luxury.

Ready To Shamrock And Roll

17 03 2010

No way in hell is anybody pinching me tonight.

Happy Paddy’s Day, everyone!