Oh God… My Dad Is Going To See This…

26 03 2010

This was hardly what Porko Puerco had in mind when Quack suggested they try new hobbies together.  Still, he had heard somewhere that the key to any good relationship was to be good, giving, and game for anything, so he supposed he couldn’t really say no until he tried it.  Was there a salesperson around here anywhere?  He was definitely going to need a smaller size.

With thanks to the guys at the Leather Rack in Dupont, who have a better sense of humor than their counterparts across the street…




3 responses

28 03 2010

Yeah your dad saw it. Your safe it just will not work on my 60 year old body. I promise not to ask to borrow it for the next Halloween party. Did you see the mannequin? He (it) was cut.


1 04 2010
Jon Royce

What a great shot – and a great store.

24 04 2010

Thanks! I take that as a compliment from one who I’m guessing knows a lot about great shots, and I mean that in the nicest possible way!

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