Because I Said So, That’s Why

28 03 2010

No, young lady, you absolutely may not get a tattoo.  When you turn eighteen and move out on your own, you can start making your own bad decisions.  Until then, no piercings and no tattoos.  You’ll thank me later.




4 responses

29 03 2010


29 03 2010

Randy has a one word comment and cannot spell the word correctly.

Mom saw tattoos as a black and white situation just like Amanda. Samantha will probably wear a long sleeve shirt when she gets her first tattoo.


30 03 2010

Alright, alright, I spelled the title wrong the first time. I frequently do these late at night, so my mental faculties might not always be complete. I’m glad to know someone is watching out for me, though. I dont want peeple thinking I cant spel.

30 03 2010


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