He Doesn’t Need The Empty Calories, Anyway

20 04 2010

This was so aggravating.  The stupid soda machine had taken Gunda Bear’s money, but had not dispensed the tasty beverage he wanted.  He had phoned the “For Service” number posted on the side of the machine, but gotten fed up after being on hold for fifteen minutes and eventually hung up.  Kicking the machine didn’t work either, as it was far bigger and heavier than Gunda, and only served to give him a nice bruise on his toe.  Soda Machine:  One.  Gunda Bear:  Zero.




2 responses

23 04 2010
Orla L.

Thank you so much for the laugh! 🙂 Most of the blogs I read these days are far too serious.

24 04 2010

Thanks! I prefer to think of it less as a blog, and more of an online live-non-action single-panel comic strip using inanimate beings. I don’t have anything to say that’s worth blogging about, but I do keep myself entertained and out of trouble this way. Share it if you like it, though. I only have a readership of one, and his name is my dad.

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