Can You Hear Me Now? I Haven’t Moved!

25 04 2010

In these days of ubiquitous cell phones, Tim was shocked to find an actual pay phone, but he was less shocked to discover that it didn’t work.



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28 04 2010

I can certainly relate to Tim’s dilemna. I was trying to call your Mom driving back from LA without a cell phone and the only land lines I found did not work.

I am leaving tomorrow driving the support vehicle for a week long 1800 mile motorcycle road trip to Arizona. You can bet I will be taking your Mom’s cell phone.

I doubt I am your only reader but I am a dedicated fan.


28 04 2010

You are possibly the most FANTASTIC person with ideas ever!
How had I not thought of this before? Genius.
This has made my day.
I may have to take a leaf out of your book and start my own colourful character comic….
I particularly liked Bear in his shiny purple outfit… and his local ladies hotline!
Thank you for the smile on my face….

28 04 2010

Thanks, Bex! If you like it, pass it on. I need more fans than just my dad! (Not that I don’t appreciate the love, Dad).

29 04 2010

I must agree with Bex. I still can’t figure out how the ideas just keep coming.
Me, mom

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