Seriously, Mom, Enough Is Enough

30 04 2010

Samantha had been subjected to yet another of her mother’s photo ops, this time in front of a statue of legendary panda warrior and bamboo farmer Ding Ding the Destroyer.  She was growing rather tired of posing for all these pictures, and it was made worse by her mother’s insistence that every shot be taken at least three times.  As she forced a smile, Samantha heard familiar voices approaching.  Oh, no!  It was Billy from school!  And he’d seen her!  Well, crap.  She was sure she was going to hear about this in the cafeteria on Monday.  As if school wasn’t hard enough, now she would have to deal with the added embarrassment of being seen with her mother in public.




One response

12 05 2010

Are you making fun of me AGAIN? NOW who is taking the pictures? HAH!!

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