Thirty-One Flavors, But Only One Favorite

2 05 2010

Many things had changed over the course of Mrs. Poopmonster’s life.  She used to like guys with tattoos, but settled down with one who had no ink.  She once thought she never wanted kids, but now had six of them.  Her favorite color used to be red, and now it was blue.  But despite the fact that the only constant in her life was change, there was one thing that forever remained the same:  From the first time she tasted ice cream as a young hippo, Cherry Jubilee from Baskin-Robbins had been her favorite flavor.  Every time she stood in front of that ice cream counter, there was only one question in her mind:  One scoop or two?



2 responses

4 05 2010
Mildred Mittens

I love this 🙂

21 05 2010

What’s wrong with chocolate?

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