Please Don’t Arrest Me

14 05 2010

“Really, Squish, I don’t think this late-night bulldozer joyride is the best idea,” Elmo pleaded.

“Shut it, Elmo,” Mr. Squishy replied.  “Those construction workers were dumb enough to leave the keys lying around for this thing.  They’re just asking for trouble, and I want to give it to them.”

“I might remind you that you don’t have the best record with either the PD or the DMV.  Getting arrested or getting a ticket would be bad for you.  Not to mention the trouble that you’d be in with the missus…”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.  I’ve been well-behaved for the past three years.  That has to count for something.  And the wife never lets me have any fun anymore.  I love her, but a man’s gotta break out once in a while.  We’ll tear around the block once and be back before you know it.  No one has to know.”

“Fine.  You tear around the block.  I’m getting off.  I have a squeaky clean image to uphold, you know.  My peeps back on the Street wouldn’t be too happy to hear about this.”




2 responses

17 05 2010

Me too! I started following a few weeks back – I love it! Your writing and pics just appeal to my sense of humour 🙂

17 05 2010

Thanks, guys! Help me spread the love! Or at least the sarcasm…

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