Things That I Am Anal-Retentive About #387

8 06 2010

Tim is very particular about making sure that his checkbook is balanced to the penny after every transaction.  He doesn’t really trust online banking (darn new-fangled technology), so he makes sure to double-check everything on paper using the amazing skills of addition and subtraction that he has honed so finely since kindergarten.  The happy face sticker was placed on his checkbook in a not-so-effective attempt to remind him not to freak out when his account is not perfectly balanced.  Once in a while, Tim needs to be reminded that in the digital age, certain transactions take time to post, and therefore the amount shown in the online banking summary may not match what’s on paper.




2 responses

9 06 2010

What a responsible young bear 🙂

12 06 2010
Billy O

Hooray for Tim. I always reconcile my checkbook to the bank statement to the penny. I once found the bank made a $10 error.

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