And Now For Something Completely Different

21 06 2010

I had a witty post planned for today about an elephant driving a car, but my computer has decided to electronically shun my camera’s memory card, and therefore I cannot put up the picture that I was originally planning.  However, I do not like to leave my loyal H-Less Wonderers without a laugh for too long, and so today I give to you the hindquarters of a rubber chicken sticking out of an airplane wing.  At the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  Which nobody could explain.  Even the docent leading the tour I was on said, “Must be somebody’s idea of a joke.”  Either that, or somebody is terribly historically misinformed.I suppose if anyone would like to take a crack at their own H-Less Wonder story, you can have at the chicken picture.  Go for it!




2 responses

21 06 2010

Hahahahaha! Brilliant :O

24 06 2010

I have always wondered about this picture after hearing you describe it. Brilliant.

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