I Am Deathtooth The Destructor!

7 07 2010

Mr. Squishy really, really wanted Bear to come with him and participate in his live-action role-playing games.  Well, truth be told, Mr. Squishy wanted anyone to come with him, but Bear was the only friend who would even so much as think about it.  Bear himself was a bit dubious about donning a ridiculous costume and running around in the woods with a plastic sword, figuring it was the first step down the path to total geekdom.  Sure, you start out pretending to swordfight, then the next thing you know,  you’re playing Dungeons and Dragons with bespectacled, lispy teenagers on Saturday nights and building a model Hogwarts in your basement out of popsicle sticks.  He felt bad for Mr. Squishy though, who so badly wanted a friend to play with him.  Alright, Bear conceded, just this once, as long as Mr. Squishy promised never to tell anyone, ever.



3 responses

8 07 2010

Oooh! I love Bear the monkey 🙂

8 07 2010
Billy O

I was looking for the virgin.

9 07 2010

I think you may have noticed that the tags aren’t always literal descriptions of what’s in the post. Indirectly, I was poking fun at people (or crocodiles) who play dorky games, implying that they probably have less chance of finding significant others than people who don’t. In actuality, this is not true, they just tend to find significant others who are equally as dorky. Nevertheless, I would like to point out that all of the players in the H-less Wonder are fine, upstanding members of society who do not screw around, except for maybe Pinky Tuskadero, who is a little nervous at the moment. More on that later.

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