If You Can’t Control Yourself, You Deserve The Hangover

1 01 2011

It appeared that Annabella had enjoyed herself last night.  At least she had made it home this year, which was an improvement on last year.  At least she’d managed not to lose her keys.  At least she’d made it halfway in the front door.  Maybe next year she’d make it all the way inside.

Happy New Year!  Good luck in 2011!




5 responses

1 01 2011

Go Annabella! Hope you had fun. Happy New Year!

1 01 2011

I’ve never found a blog written by animals before, and so I had a list of questions that may be pertinent. I’ll save asking too many and only ask the most pressing: What is it like living in a crane machine at the arcade?

No need to go Camus or Sartre on the question, unless you want to, in which case I will see the elusive existential (stuffed) animal.


2 01 2011

None of us have ever lived inside a crane machine at the arcade, so we wouldn’t know about that. We’d imagine that it’s hot and stuffy. Some of us have, however, lived at the midway games under the big top, which is not entirely fun. You never know who might win the day’s ring toss games and take you home. Some of those people are seriously weird.

7 01 2011
Jessica Drizd

Ok, I think I know what this about – not so much stuffed animals, but a certain 6′ tall Irish man? Yes, methinks.

8 01 2011

No, no, of course not. Not this year anyway. If it was five years ago, maybe. I won’t incriminate anybody.

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