An Unexpected Benefit To Buying In Bulk

6 01 2011

Samantha and Randall loved the first Thursday of every month when Sam’s mom did her Costco run.  First, they’d tag along and feast on free samples of Vienna sausages and frozen cream puffs.  After that they’d play hide-and-seek among the towering shelves until some rotund assistant manager would yell at them and threaten to kick them out for good (“I mean it this time, you two acne-riddled hooligans!”).  Then, after they’d gotten back to Sam’s place and unloaded the minivan, they’d build a sweet-ass fort out of the massive amounts of toilet paper that Sam’s mom always bought.  Say what she would about her mother, Sam had to give her credit for always making sure the house was stocked with essentials.




5 responses

6 01 2011

Gotta love the kids.

6 01 2011
Billy O

The cavalry has their fort. Now the Indians need their tepees.

7 01 2011

Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I love it! That’s hilarious! And I too feast on frozen cream puffs but only kosher sausages….you know!! tee hee hee!!

9 01 2011

There is something to be said about bulk pickles as well.

Who doesn’t love a great pickle.


9 01 2011

Funny you should mention that. After I went through the checkout line, I realized I had meant to buy pickles and didn’t. It was upsetting. Now I have lots of toilet paper but nothing to snack on.

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