I’d Like To Think Dead People Have A Sense Of Humor. At Least I Hope So.

23 02 2011

Every year on the anniversary of his death, Aldo went to visit his uncle Ruff’s grave.  Before his untimely death, Ruff had been Aldo’s idol, teaching the young pup the proper way to roll over and when it was or was not appropriate to sniff a bitch’s behind.  It was only as he got older that Aldo realized that when he had accompanied Ruff on the seemingly harmless excursions running after cars he had, in actuality, been enabling his uncle’s full-blown chase-aholism.  What had looked like a freak traffic accident was really only an inevitability of Ruff’s addiction.  Nevertheless, despite his flaws, Aldo had loved Ruff, and so yearly went to pay his respects to his uncle, pee a little on his grave and bury a bone in his honor.




3 responses

26 02 2011
Billy O

I have a question. Does Aldo dig up the bone he buries in Ruff’s honor or does he bring his own? If dead people and dogs do have a sense of humor I hope he leaves a funny bone.

9 03 2011

I like that he pees on the grave.

17 03 2011


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