I Could Swear I Just Heard A Mountain Lion

31 03 2011

While Trojan and Kevin argued over which way the trail went, Pinky fretted.  Kevin said he used to be a boy scout, where he had learned to be an expert at map-reading.  Trojan fired back and asked if he was such a pro, then why had they gotten lost in the first place?  Pinky thought all the arguing was not going to get them home any sooner.  Why had nobody brought a cell phone?  Communing with nature and getting away from society was all well and good and everything until you were in desperate need of some GPS.  As the boys continued to debate among themselves, Pinky heard the ominous sounds of branches snapping and low-pitched growling.  Oh God, they were going to die out here…


St. Patrick’s Day Is Fun. The Morning After, Not So Much.

18 03 2011

Apparently, “Kiss me, I’m Irish” had turned into “Come home with me, I’m Irish.”  It seemed Lucky had had a good night last night, although he was a little fuzzy on the details.  Now, who was she and how was he supposed to tell her to leave?

I’m Sure You’ll MacGyver Your Way Out Of This Somehow

16 03 2011

Bungee jumping had been fun.  Too late, however, Bear realized he probably should have had a partner in attendance to pull him up.  Oops.