So Long And Take Care Of My Fish*

21 04 2011

As he waited to board the bus, Gustav could hardly believe that after months of thinking about it, he was finally moving to big, bad New York City.  He had no job waiting there, and no apartment, just one generous friend with a spare couch and a connection or two that he hoped would prove useful.  He already missed the friends he’d made here, especially Mr. Octopus, in whom he’d found a running partner and bestie for life.  Mr. Octopus had been kind enough to help him pack for the journey, and Gustav was actually pretty impressed that he’d managed to cram all of his belongings into one suitcase, one duffel and a shoulder bag.  At least he was prepared in the luggage department.  He’d worry about employment and lodging when he got there.  As the motor of the bus started its diesel-fueled hum, Gustav wondered if he was being outrageously ballsy or incredibly stupid.  He’d just have to have faith and go with ballsy.

*Dedicated to Ed, who I wish lots of luck, and to whom I have entrusted the care of the only H-Less Wonderer to ever leave my possession.