You Have To Sit On It Everyday, So You Should Treat It Well

24 10 2011

Although he had managed to stay afloat relatively well in these troubling economic times, Trojan had begun to take money-saving measures that he never would have considered pre-recession.  You never know when you might need the extra dollars in the checking account, he supposed.  He’d altered his commute schedule so as to avoid peak fares during rush hour in the subway, and all but eliminated the usual mid-day latte run to Starbucks.  He had even (gasp!) started clipping coupons, which did make him feel a little granny-ish, although he was not-so-secretly proud of the fact that he had gotten thirty-seven dollars worth of dish soap, noodles and toothpaste for $19.25 last week at CVS.  If there was one thing he just couldn’t compromise on, however, it was kitty litter.  While Arm & Hammer was the cheaper option, it was also scratchy underpaw and less fragrantly pleasing.  Fresh Step, while the more expensive of the choices, made doing his business more comfortable, and Trojan was of the opinion that there were just some areas where pinching pennies wasn’t worth it.  Given the option of paying a couple bucks for lovely quilted t.p. or wiping your bits with leaves for free, he was willing to bet most people would shell out in the name of comfort.


****ing Metro!

20 10 2011


Normally, when there were delays in the subway, Alistair would just stick it out underground and wait, no matter how long it took for the train to arrive.  Today, for God-knows-what reason, when he saw the “Please add a half-hour to your travel time” on the notification board, he decided that he would just come back up and take a cab to work.  Normally, his neighborhood was overrun with taxis, always honking their horns and hogging the pumps at the petrol station, but of course on the one day he wanted one, there were none in sight.  How aggravating.  Fifteen minutes wasted in the metro station, and ten minutes standing on this corner like a cheap tart, going nowhere.  Alistair supposed he might as well start walking, although he was going to be seriously late no matter how he got to work at this stage.  God, he hated being late.  Stupid subway.