The Doctor Told Me The Prague-nosis Was Good

11 09 2012

The thing that people seemed to say the most when Percy told them that he was going to Prague was that the beer was cheap, and for the most part, it was.  But while Percy knew that many beers in Europe were supposed to be somewhat heady, he took a little offense to the fact that they never seemed to be as full as he thought they should be.  Look at this pint, he had thought. He hadn’t taken a sip yet and it already seemed to be a quarter empty.  Ah, well, he reasoned, he might be getting a little swindled but there wasn’t much point in getting upset. He didn’t want to be “that” American who was picky and obnoxious, and besides, the sun was shining, the city was beautiful, and you couldn’t really complain about any beer that was only a couple bucks when you figured in the exchange rate. The only beer you could get at a bar back home that for that price was Miller Lite on happy hour special, and this real Czech pilsner was way better than that crap.




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