The Prague-tologist Said To Turn Your Head And Cough

15 09 2012

Percy wondered if the guards at Prague Castle liked their jobs or not.  It was probably an occupation that carried a lot of ceremonial importance, he thought, but he could see how having tourists take your picture every minute of every day could get old.  Did they feel objectified, or perhaps reduced to a novelty that people from other countries without working castles could never fully appreciate?  Did their knees get really stiff?  How much effort would it take to get them to break character and smile?  Like, let’s say a topless woman wearing bunny ears danced the Roger Rabbit in front of this guy, would that crack his steely exterior? Realizing that he was never going to get an answer to these questions, Percy supposed the only thing to do was to do the same thing as everybody else and get somebody to snap a photo.  As he continued with the rest of his castle tour, he hoped that behind the serious facade there was a man who liked to have fun and laugh once in a while.



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18 09 2012
gold account

It was in 1978, I was stationed in wildflecken Germany, with the US Army. My friends and I took a bus trip to see the illumination of Heidelberg Castle. The day was one of the high lights of the time I spent in this beautiful country. The castle is pleasing to eye. The coble stone road seems to go straight up, as you walk up the hill forward the castle. I loved the stones in the walls how it was build. I walked around for hours I liked the laboratory with all the hand blown lab equipment from the past, the giant wine vat in the cellar was awesome, and we also enjoyed some free samples of wine there. It was a great day in the castle the best was yet to come… We headed to the Rhine River and crossed it in a paddle boat, to the a number of great aches on the other side where we had a great view of the castle. It was getting dark and they light up all the windows in that grand old castle with red flares, It was a great site to behold with just the red flares, lighting up the castle. They starting shooting fire works over the castle, it came to life. It was just a great sight to see and it’s a grand old Castle!

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