Humor Is The Only Way I Know How To Deal With This

20 01 2017

As Elmo ate his feelings and tried desperately to find something to watch that wasn’t Inauguration-related, he had an epiphany. This whole election debacle wasn’t the result of partisan politics, or Russian hacking, or the willful ignorance of complete and total fuckery by nearly half of the American people. No, it was much simpler than that. Wiping processed cheddar crumbs from his lips and thinking of the Kraft mac and cheese he ate for dinner last night and the Velveeta dip he’d had at that party last week, Elmo realized that Americans love fake orange crap that they know will slowly kill them. This was just the natural but unholy progression of things.







2 responses

23 01 2017
Billy O

I about dyed laughing. Orange you happy to be sharing your humor again. I am.

Billy O

29 01 2017
arti oh

How true. How true. Very astute observation as usual. I’ll never think of mac and cheese the same ever again.

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