He Never Does Dishes, Either

3 06 2010

Blackberry generally liked Gunda Bear, and for the most part thought he was a good roommate, although once in a while he couldn’t help but be bitter that Gunda, as a natural blonde, seemed to enjoy certain perks and privileges that he himself didn’t get.  Blackberry was stuck as the perpetual wingman when they went out, while the girls flocked around Gunda and laughed at his jokes.  When they traveled, bellmen and airport attendants carried Gunda’s luggage (for free!) while Blackberry struggled to keep up with his own Samsonites.  But this, well, this was really unfair.  He was sure that Gunda dirtied the bath just as much as he did, but since his lighter fur wasn’t as visible as Blackberry’s own dark fur clogging the drain, he somehow was stuck scrubbing the tub on his own.  Goddammit.  Apparently blondes had more fun and did less chores.



28 04 2010

That’s how many H-less Wonder characters it takes to change a lightbulb.

Technology Is Great… When It Works

13 01 2010

Blackberry and Gustav were frustrated.  The printer display kept flashing “paper jam,” but they had checked and double-checked the tray, and not only was it not jammed, it was full of clean, unwrinkled paper.  Furthermore, the ink cartridge had just been replaced so they knew it wasn’t empty, and they had also double checked the power source and the connection to the computer.  Everything seemed to be in working order.  So why the hell wouldn’t the damn printer just print already?