18 11 2011

Every Friday, Lucky treats his co-workers to a new “Irish Proverb of the Week.”  This week’s wisdom is, “There are other ways of killing a pig than by choking it with butter.”  It’s complete nonsense, but he can say anything with that accent of his and everyone thinks it’s clever and charming.


St. Patrick’s Day Is Fun. The Morning After, Not So Much.

18 03 2011

Apparently, “Kiss me, I’m Irish” had turned into “Come home with me, I’m Irish.”  It seemed Lucky had had a good night last night, although he was a little fuzzy on the details.  Now, who was she and how was he supposed to tell her to leave?

This Is The ONLY Tea Party I Approve Of

28 08 2010

Alistair and Lucky had both come from countries that had historically had their differences of opinion with each other.  Nevertheless, their friendship found a strong foundation on their mutual love of (and dependence on) having a cup of tea every morning.  For at least a few minutes every day, they put their politics aside and agreed that the tea was best with a little milk and one spoonful of sugar.

The World Hates Short People

19 07 2010

The photo booth’s instructions said to adjust the stool height to camera level.  The stool was helpfully marked with arrows so that you knew to rotate it clockwise to move down, and counter-clockwise to move up.  It was only after the guys had put their two dollars in the machine that they discovered the stool was stuck.  Four blank pictures later, they were understandably peeved.

Insane On The 7 Train

15 07 2010

Everyone in New York was crazy, Lucky thought.  There was that woman in Times Square wearing pasties over her naughty bits playing the guitar, and there was that guy wearing Speedos and chaps wandering around the Highline.  Even the friend he was visiting owned a tomahawk for the specific purpose of defending himself in the zombie apocalypse.  Crazy.  And now here he was on the subway, listening to some old lady play “Old MacDonald” and the Beatles’ “Yesterday” on the tin whistle.  This city was okay to visit, he thought, but he could never live here.  He was afraid the crazy might rub off.

This Market Is Not Really That Marvelous

16 04 2010

Lucky could tell that this bread wasn’t from today’s batch.  It lacked the pleasant give of a fresh loaf, and he was pretty sure he’d seen the exact same one here yesterday.  Having grown up with a mother who excelled in the kitchen, Lucky could always tell when the baked goods were fresh, which this bread most certainly was not.  Still, though, he hated to see food go to waste, and decided he’d take it if he could get the clerk to knock fifty percent off the price.  (His mother, in addition to passing on her knowledge in the kitchen, also taught him that a good deal should never be passed up).

Ready To Shamrock And Roll

17 03 2010

No way in hell is anybody pinching me tonight.

Happy Paddy’s Day, everyone!