12 06 2010

In the hours leading up to the much-hyped USA v. England match, Alistair tried to explain the offsides rule to his American friends, who didn’t appear to know or care that much about football (oh, ahem, excuse me, they call it “soccer” here).  He didn’t really know why he bothered.  What was the point of teaching them the subtle nuances of a game they were just going to forget about after World Cup for the next four years, anyway?  England was going to crush these uncultured former colonists.


Ready To Shamrock And Roll

17 03 2010

No way in hell is anybody pinching me tonight.

Happy Paddy’s Day, everyone!

Genius Is Never Appreciated

16 02 2010

Ping doesn’t care if you don’t like his art.  You’re clearly too obtuse to get it.

Caught Red-Tentacled

23 12 2009

Uh oh. It seemed to Mr. Octopus that he’d been caught shaking the presents. It wasn’t like he was actually going to OPEN them or anything, it was just that waiting for Christmas morning was killing him. He just HAD to know if someone had given him the maracas he asked for, although given the shape of his presents, and the fact that none of them made a festive rattling sound, he feared he was going to be sorely disappointed.