There’s Something Different About You Today

18 08 2010

Lately, Ellie hadn’t had time to go shopping.  Normally, she tried to get to the grocery store once every week or so to stock up on essentials, but work had been hell these days and she’d been out of town on the weekends, and she just hadn’t had the time.  She couldn’t put it off any longer, though.  Now she was out of food and shampoo and conditioner.  This morning she’d had to resort to using the shampoo samples out of a magazine she’d found lying around the house.  Unfortunately, it was a men’s magazine, and the stuff she’d used smelled like a pine forest.  Ellie was hoping she could get through the day without anybody noticing that she smelled like a man (a man with good hygiene, but a man nonetheless), but the skeptical way she could feel Reese looking at her led her to believe that she would not be so lucky.  She really needed to get to the store today.


Left Turn Only

18 01 2010

A mutual friend had referred Mary and Reese to the same chiropractor, and now they weren’t sure who to sue:  the friend, the chiropractor, or both.

Did You Bring Some Corn For Popping?

19 12 2009

Goodness, the weather certainly was frightful. Reese Moose wished he had a fire, because that would have been delightful. Still, he had nowhere to go, so he supposed he might as well let it snow.