Never Trust Someone Who Bleeds For A Week And Doesn’t Die

24 05 2010

In one breath, Ellie had told Percy that she was pretty sure her boss at work hated her because he promoted Lizzie in sales even though she hadn’t been working at the company as long, she was probably sleeping with him, that bitch, and that her refrigerator was on the fritz and she’d probably have to go home and eat all the ice cream in the freezer before it melted, even though that would only make her fatter than she already was, God, she felt like such a cow these days, and how her mother had been telling her over the phone how cute her sister’s new baby was and well, wasn’t her sister lucky, she herself would probably never find anybody to love her and give her babies, not when she was such an ugly heifer, and she just didn’t understand what was wrong with herself today, all she really wanted was a hug, no, not from you, Percy, get away me from you opportunistic beady-eyed little perv.  Holy crap, Percy thought.  He hadn’t realized that a friendly “Hello, neighbor, how are you?” in the hallway was such a volatile question. Ellie was not usually this unhinged.  It must be her time of the month, he reasoned.